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New Hours! Closed Sundays.

After months of this being placed on my heart and mind, I have decided to close the restaurant on Sundays, starting August 13th, 2023, which is this coming Sunday.

Memo sent to the staff:

I feel it is necessary due to the following reasons: 1) it will allow those of you who want to attend church the ability to do so without requesting off each Sunday. 2)it will give everyone two days back to back off so that you can be with your children when school starts and still have a day throughout the week to do personal business, etc. 3) the last events in our lives have made me see that this is the utmost importance and that I, myself need to develop a more personal relationship with God in a structured setting and something I would like to be able to do with family.

We will start opening a full day on Wednesday so with that being said- New hours of operation will be as follows



Tuesday-Thursday 11am-8pm

Friday & Saturday 8am-8pm


Julie, Kimmi & Brittany

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