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Our Story

When you enter the doors of Julie's Place, I immediately want you to feel like you have come home. The basis of my restaurant is to feel comforted. It is a return to the days when going to Sunday dinner with family meant talks about the day or week, enjoying home cooked meals and focusing on togetherness that I feel has been lost in society today. I want you to be considered family and know that this is how we think of you. 

Julie's Family
Julie and Kimberly

I began my career in the hospitality industry in 2006 as a server at Brother's Restaurant. I managed restaurants in this chain including Brother's, Brother's Copper Kettle, Brother's Willow Ranch and Southern Charm for several years. I also managed a BBQ joint for 6 years. I even left for a while trying my hand at other restaurant venues. 

I helped Angie Haney open Haney's Restaurant in 2018 and was her general manager for a year before the restaurant sold. I helped her create the menu and set up the restaurant. I have loved this place from the beginning and was saddened when it sold; however, I was blessed to have the opportunity to come back. With the help of the new owner, who decided to sell, I was able to obtain ownership in September of 2019. My daughters were adamant that I had worked entirely too hard not to have my name established on the restaurant, so I did change the name in January of 2020. 

I want to thank all the customers that have followed me throughout the years. You are truly friends and blessings to me. I appreciate the input with regards to consistency of service and food. Feel free to message or contact me any time. 



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